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how Gutly was born

Unleashing a revolution

Here at Gutly, we're all about making gut health cool and accessible. Discover our quirky story, our passion for wellness, and how we're shaking things up in the world of gut health.

Gut-First: The Magical Hub of Wellness

At Gutly, we believe your gut is the key to vitality. Recent studies show the profound link between gut health and overall well-being. Join us on a journey to prioritize your gut for a healthier you!

Cutting Through the Marketing Noise

In a world of buzzwords and confusion, Gutly offers clarity. Say goodbye to misleading claims and hello to authentic products. Our commitment to genuine, natural ingredients sets us apart.

Gutly's Mission: A Healthier n’ Happier You

Our mission is simple yet powerful – crafting clean health supplements for your gut's happiness. With natural ingredients and gut-focused formulas, Gutly aims to revolutionize your well-being.

Born out of a passion for well-being, Gutly was fueled by the founder’s desire to empower others...

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Paving the road to a happy gut

Tried ‘n


Ultimate Gut Wellness

We’ve personally tested and researched our formula. No secrets—just simple, minimally processed ingredients. Plus, it's Monash certified for suitability.

Clean ‘n


Safe to consume

We keep it simple! If it doesn't resemble real food, we steer clear. We're genuine about being natural and clean—no misleading claims, just wholesome products you can trust.

Mindful ’n


Positive impact

Every purchase from Gutly fuels our initiatives—meal donations, ocean cleaning, and tree planting. Thanks for supporting local business and the community.

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Egg-white Protein Sample

Our protein powder is not only delicious but also super friendly to your sensitive tummy. Say goodbye to bloating!

Hemp Protein Sample

Our hemp-based alternative with superior quality, easy-to-digest ingredients for your sensitive tummy!